• Richard Warburton, Chief Executive Officer
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    • British citizen, born in 1966

      Principal education: Mr. Warburton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Newcastle as well as an MBA.

      Work experience: Mr. Warburton was a board member of Black Earth Farming between 2010 and 2013. Mr. Warburton is CEO and Majority Shareholder of TerraVost Limited. He is a Director of KCM International and formerly at Rolnyvik Sp. z.o.o. Mr. Warburton was previously head of agriculture at Investment AB Kinnevik. He has also been Equity Partner and Head of Bidwells Agribusiness 1999–2010 and a Director of British Field Products 1994–1998.

  • Fraser Scott, Chief Operating Officer
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    • British citizen, born in 1961

      Principal education: Mr. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Newcastle University.

      Work experience: Mr. Scott has more than 20 year experience of large scale corporate farm management, most recently as head of arable and potato operations on 20 thousand hectares of arable farming and food operations at the Co-operative farms in the UK. He has also been involved in several large scale agribusinesses as farm and operations manager at Booker, Broad Oak and the Co-operative farms in the UK.

  • Richard Willows, Commercial Director
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    • British citizen, born in 1953

      Mr. Willows has a background in trading of agricultural commodities, specialising in the marketing of quality assured grains and oil seeds for the food industry including direct exporting to key customers in the Baltic States and Europe. He has more than 15 years of experience working in Russia and prior to Black Earth Farming Richard held the position of General Director of OOO Heartland Farms in the Penza region of Russia. Established in 2002 it was one of the first foreign investors in Russian farming.

  • Victoria Fletcher, Business Development Director
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    • British citizen, born in 1981

      Principal education: Ms. Fletcher holds a Master of Science in agricultural management from Reading University.

      Work experience: Ms. Fletcher joined the Group in 2012 and has 8 years’ experience in Supplying major British supermarkets with fresh food, most recently as Business Unit Director for a rapidly growing fresh produce business. Her function included procurement from Africa and across the world and management of production and logistics. She also has been involved in business development in Central Asia.